Keeping Our Team & Clients Safe

We are working hard to keep our team safe while continuing to service our landscaping projects. As such we have instated strict social distancing, personal hygiene procedures, facility and daily vehicle cleaning, working from home options for our office staff, and employee health monitoring as well as the requirement to stay home if ill. We are monitoring the situation closely and modifying our plan daily to protect our team and comply with regulations as they occur. We feel fortunate that our employees work outside and maintain social distancing as a normal course of work, our process of modification is somewhat less complicated than other industries.

We are also continuing to monitor the Center For Disease Control, Oregon Health Authority guidelines and recommendations for businesses, as well as the recommendations from National Association of Landscape Professionals. Our teams have risen to the challenge and embraced the new requirements allowing us to operate and provide our service. However, our safety and contingency plans are continually being evaluated and updated as new information is available. We hope to be able to continue our operation serving our clients and keeping our team earning wages through this crisis.


Aurora Landscape COVID-19 safety policy (effective 3/24/20)

This is a fluid situation being evaluated on an on-going basis and is subject to change at any point.

1. Promote hand hygiene by all employees:

We have trained all our staff on these measures; encouraging physical separation, hand hygiene, and sneeze/cough etiquette to adhere to the following:

  • Employees to maintain physical separation and refrain from any touching
  • Wash stations have been set up and employees will wash hands when arriving and departing
  • Employees instructed to bring water jugs and we will provide hand soap in trucks for use in field
  • Employees should cover their noses and mouths with a tissue when coughing or sneezing (or an elbow or shoulder if no tissue is available)

2. Keep business units separate:

We are keeping office staff separate from field staff:

  • Dispatching field employees from outdoor yard without going in the shop or office
    We have made arrangements for office staff to work from home if it becomes necessary
  • All group meetings are now outside in an open area allowing for recommended social distancing

3.Employees who appear sick will be sent home:

  • Employees encouraged to stay home if sick
  • Employees who appear to have acute respiratory illness symptoms (i.e. cough, shortness of breath, or temperature of 100.4°) will be evaluated to be sent home immediately
  • Employees sent home are encouraged to seek medical guidance
  • Employees will be allowed to return to work after 14 days of quarantine

4. Perform enhanced environmental cleaning:

  • We have purchased sterilizing cleaners and disposable wipes for cleaning commonly used surfaces
  • Crews are required to wipe down steering wheels, dashboards, door handles, and other truck surfaces daily
  • Office personnel are to clean personal desks, office door knobs, and other commonly touched surfaces daily


5. Client meeting restrictions:

  • No touching, 6′ separation
  • We will not be shaking hands with clients (sorry, it’s not to be rude, but to be safe!)
  • Cancelled networking attendance
  • Quarantine any employee diagnosed with COVID-19
    • A procedure is being put in place to quarantine any employee diagnosed with COVID-19
    • Any Employee that they have worked with will be evaluated for quarantine based on the CDC recommendation at that point


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