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Walkways lead company to a welcoming home, meander through flower beds, and even provide passage through a yard. They really are “the invitation to enter…”  They also should mesh well with both your home’s architectural design and surrounding landscaping. Whether you are starting off with new landscape designs, or removing and starting over- Aurora Landscaping can help you arrive at a plan and project that enhances your Outdoor Living Spaces, adds value to the equity in your home and enhances your Landscape Design…


Concrete paver installation
  • Adds equity as well as atmosphere to your Outdoor Living Spaces.
  • Creates a finished look of Design and style.
  • Connects one area to another allowing your Outdoor Living Spaces to flow.
  • Texture and finishes as well as practicality.

Making your selections

There is a seemingly endless supply of walkway material ideas available out there, and it seems anything that can create a pathway is a possibility. Everything from pavers, timber wood, stamped concrete, brick design layouts, and natural stone are just some of the materials available to give our clients at Aurora Landscaping an idea of what options are available to create the designs that fit your vision and fulfill your needs.

Pathways through your garden or landscape are a great way to show off your favorite flowerbeds, your overall landscaping or to invite someone on a journey… Our Professionals at Aurora Landscaping can help you on your way to the perfect look that suits you.


Concrete isn’t just a drab gray anymore. Color additives, surface polishes, stamps, and engraving are all new ways to show off your personal taste and style. At Aurora Landscape we can help to guide you in the direction that works best for you.

There are some pavers that give the appearance of a Brick Walkway for example. Like a brick walkway, concrete can be stained and etched to mimic for favorite materials. This is a great way to keep your weeding to a minimum as you won’t have any little seeds making their way in between these bricks over time. At Aurora Landscape, we offer a variety of colors and designs for you to choose from if you decide to take the etching route.

There isn’t one right answer for you on whether or not a paver patio is right for your needs. But, as you can see from the descriptions above, it is an excellent option for many homeowners, especially living in the Greater Portland areas. Before making any decisions, make sure you talk with one of our experts, such as an Aurora Landscaping Staff Member. We are happy to answer any/all questions that you might have.

Stone and Rock Walkway ideas …

Let us help you to create rustic, old fashioned appeal using local stones, or a blend of specialized rocks from far-away places. No matter what you choose rocks and stone can create both walkway, and walkway border materials to meander along at any time.

Placing natural stone so that it comes together well does take more time and really relies on the expertise of our Professionals here at Aurora Landscape…  The effect of natural rocks and stones is stunning however. Well-bordered flagstone, slate, river rock, etc., or a combination can really make a strong and dramatic effect on your Landscape and Outdoor Garden Spaces.

Wooden Walkway ideas …

Whether you live in the country or in the city, the many hues and texture natural wood lends to both rustic and contemporary design compliment almost any landscape or house architecture. Plus, they often blend in well with the many wooden deck designs that exist.

Landscaping Pathway ideas …

The Landscape foliage itself, can either complement, or be complemented by your walkway choices. Colors and textures provide varied contrasts and highlight the time you take within your yard.

Having seasonal flowering plants at the “right” time of year truly make for an ever-changing and interesting Garden. At Aurora Landscaping, we provide years of expertise, horticultural knowledge and a personal investment in how every project is done to help make the selections that really “work” for your garden climate. Allow us to work with you to find the best combination to suit your needs and personal tastes.

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