Irrigation Installation and Maintenance

Irrigation installation ensures that your landscape thrives. At Aurora Landscaping we have irrigation services that work for the health of your plants as well as your landscapes. We know both are an investment. Whether you have a Commercial or Residential property, we are here to help. 

Our sprinkler systems are tailor-made for each individual landscape and the plants that you select. A well-designed system will save water, save plants and get rid of hand watering throughout the season. Our systems are fully automated, easily expandable, and can be outfitted with rain sensors and remote controls.

Not all plants require the same amount of water. If you have different plants in shared beds, a properly manage irrigation system will make sure each plant get its unique watering needs met.  Successfully landscaping your property means finding the right balance between sunlight, fertilization, and water. And when it comes to watering, it can be both time consuming, expensive – and ineffective in done wrong. Adding an irrigation system can take the difficulty out of watering, and is a popular addition to homes and properties. 



 Some of the advantages to having an automated irrigation system:

  • No more hand watering
  • Plants are watered according to need
  • Can be adjusted to work with new and mature plants
  • Protects your investment
  • Cost savings by minimizing water loss from evaporation 

Irrigation Services: Upkeep, Upgrades and Repairs

At Aurora we have a variety of irrigation services. In addition to installing irrigation systems, we also test, repair and upgrade existing systems. Our staff will get your system ready every spring, checking for leaks, pipe or head damage and ensure that it is as effective as possible.

Aurora expands or adjusts the irrigation to accommodate the changing needs that your landscape may require. We are available throughout the year, to replace and/or upgrade heads, emitters, valves, timers, rain sensors, and other system components. Aurora Landscape will install high quality water efficient systems that fit the needs of your landscape and meet your budget. We only use quality products from well-established manufacturers. With Aurora, your sprinkler system will last for years with minimal maintenance.

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