Commercial Landscape Design and Installation

Commercial Landscape Design and Installation

Commercial Landscape Design and Installation Services provided by Aurora Landscape are specifically tailored for Commercial Landscape Properties in the Pacific Northwest.

With Commercial Properties, first impressions are very important. A well-designed and well-maintained landscape gives a lasting first impression for guests, and can attract prospective tenants for rented spaces or make that extra difference in selling a Commercial Property.

Our goal is to give your property a reputation for being meticulously designed while working with you to create a customized plan that meets any budgetary needs that you may have.

Commercial Landscape Design and Installation Services for Commercial Building’s, Apartment Complexes, Retail Storefronts, etc. can be a statement of the business they represent. Regardless of which Commercial Property pertains to you, the state of your Landscape will have a significant effect on your customers. When guests come to your property and see that it’s well-cared-for, with a healthy, neatly manicured lawn and thriving flowers and can enjoy your design, this also demonstrates that your attention to detail is first rate. 

The investment in proper commercial landscape design and installation is also a wise long-term decision. Ongoing maintenance for your Landscape also helps to avoid any disrepair, eliminating the need for more costly and dramatic interventions in the future. Also, a well-maintained property is less likely to have safety issues or other issues of that nature that can put guests at risk. Regularly scheduled maintenance also increases the value of your property and helps to reinforce the consistency and stability of your business as a whole.

Why choose Aurora Landscape?

There are many companies offering Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Services – so what makes Aurora Landscape LLC different? Here are a few reasons:

  • We have decades of experience. Our staff at Aurora Landscape has a vast resume’ of education and experience in commercial landscape design and installation as well as extensive knowledge in Horticulture.
  • We’re committed to green solutions.  We employ best practices for soil preservation and water conservation. At Aurora we take what we do seriously and take extra steps and precautions to enhance what is already in the surroundings
  • We work with you. We can tailor our service to reflect your property’s needs and the internal capacity of your crew. If you have maintenance specialists on staff, we’ll empower them with the tools and resources necessary to care for your property. If you’d prefer to outsource all work to us, we can provide on-site service whenever you need us.
  • We operate year-round. We can provide seasonal flower planting in the Spring and Fall, weed control and irrigation in summer and winter storm clean-up in winter. You’ll gain a single point of contact for all of these common maintenance issues, plus a partner you can trust to come through for any landscaping maintenance need.
  • We grow our own plants! At Aurora, we grow the plants! We have our own Nursery where we propagate and grow the plants used in your Landscape. This allows us to naturally customize and tailor to the needs of our clients in all aspects.
  • We are a perfect sized company for any size of property. We are small enough to be efficient on small projects, but large enough to excel with multi-acre projects.
  • We strive to maintain an honest and reliable Staff that is passionate about their work.
  • We have grown our business for the last 15 years with the long-term mindset, while maintaining the personal attention and care of our customers as we will for many more decades to come.
  • We are here to stay and our work reflects that.


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