Soil Testing

Soil Testing & Renovation Services in Portland, Salem and surrounding areas

Aurora Landscape looks at the needs of your entire property when assessing your landscape. As part of our commercial landscape projects and maintenance plans have the ability to test your soil. This identifies nutrient that can affect your plants. In new construction projects, we amend the soil so that your new landscape will succeed once installed. Our knowledge of soil science and horticulture work hand in hand assisting our clients with maintaining healthy soils and landscapes in unity.

Our Soil Analysis services include:

  • Testing for macro and micro nutrients
  • Testing for soil pH
  • Assessing the soil structure and texture
  • Using appropriate amendments to enhance your soil
  • Adding compost and organic matter to enhance moisture retention
  • Adding appropriate fertilizer to enhance soil productivity
  • Add higher quality top soil to new construction areas
  • Mycorrhiza amended to enhance root production of plants
  • Add surface mulch to retain soil moisture and prevent weeds
Healthy landscapes begin with healthy soil. You can trust our knowledgeable team to work to keep your landscape plants healthy all the way down to their roots.
Commercial Landscapes that will benefit from soil testing
Water feature wood bamboo fence
Aurora Landscape grounds
Walkway installation

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