Plant Disease Diagnostics & Treatment

Plant Disease Diagnosis & Treatment in Portland, Salem and surrounding areas

Aurora Landscape takes pride in our knowledge of landscape principals and practices that we use as part of our landscape services. Our service includes IPM (Integrated Pest Management). Ongoing landscape maintenance services gives your property a second set of eyes on the health and safety of your landscape, including scouting for and noticing pest or diseases issues before they get out of control. Landscape services first and foremost keep your property healthier, building the natural resistance to pest problems. We provide a consistent monitoring and can accurately diagnose landscape problems.

Give us a call today to maintain your commercial property/business, apartment community or HOA. Our professional services help property managers simplify their jobs by providing dependable reliable landscape maintenance services.

We monitor and correct plant pathogens and infestations including: 

  • Routine site checks to observe overall plant health with our lanscape analysis service
  • Experienced technicians who can identify pests and disease issues
  • Targeted treatment to correct issues and restore plant health
  • Responsible use of insecticide only when necessary
  • Preventative dormant spray on ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Monitor and correct environmental factors that lead to pest populations (standing water, stressed plants, slow drainage, etc.)
  • Our technicians maintain pesticide applicator licenses and follow regulations through ODA (Oregon Department of Agriculture)
  • Environmentally friendly products available
Trust Aurora Landscape to keep your commercial property free of pests and plant diseases. We make sure our maintenance services support optimal plant health and look at the holistic combination of plants and hardscape that preserve the investment you’ve made in your property. If you continue having on-going pest issues, we can replace or suggest other plant material from our nursery.

Contact us today if you have a landscape problem you need help eradicating. We look forward to solving your landscape challenges with you.

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