Irrigation is the base of what is needed to maintain a Commercial or Residential Landscape. Installing proper irrigation maintains plant health and protects your investments, ensuring that your landscape is healthy and happy… Whether it is Commercial or Residential, we are here to help. At Aurora, we design our sprinkler systems specifically for each individual landscape and the plants that you select as a well-designed system will save water, save plants and get rid of hand watering throughout the season. Our systems are fully automated, easily expandable, and can be outfitted with rain sensors and remote controls.



In addition to installing irrigation systems, we also test, repair and upgrade existing systems. Our Staff will get your system going every spring, checking for leaks, pipe or head damage and then ensure that your irrigation is as effective as possible for your landscape.

Aurora expands or adjusts the irrigation to accommodate the changing needs that you landscape may require. We are available throughout the year, to replace and/or upgrade heads, emitters, valves, timers, rain sensors and other irrigation system components.


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