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Aurora Landscape is committed to making our world a better and more beautiful place. For everyone. For our clients. For our communities. And for our employees. We do it by marrying passion, common-sense affordability, and hard work.

‘Passion’ for excellence in creating beautiful landscapes that meet the needs and surpass the expectations of our clients.

‘Common sense affordability’ that our customers appreciate, which in turn provides our employees with sustainable employment and life-opportunities that encourage their growth and self-determination.

‘Hard work’ because that’s what it takes to provide exemplary service in creating beautiful outdoor living spaces.


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Our Staff

We are grateful to employ a deeply talented and hard-working group of individuals who share a commitment to our customers, they bring their ample knowledge from years of practical experience to every project, every day… with a smile!

Zander Prideaux, Aurora Landscape founder.
Zander Prideaux, Aurora Landscape founder.